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Why do women always on a regimen and yet not losing weight? Paradox – how many women were on a dietary – they yet have better. Moreover, all of the fairer sex perfectly aware of this. How, it should go to the ladies’ online forum on the needs of “how to lose weightiness fast”, “urgently needs to throw 20 pounds,” “Ahh, after a 7 days at sea diet food keep powerful skhudnut” dazzled. A feeling that all the women around constantly sit in any kind of diet. You read the comments and just amazed with what dedication the ladies into the battle with excess mass. It is true that the price of getting rid of painful limitations from a few kilograms, they in no time regaining the discarded, and even with the “appendage.” So sit on the new dietary, and then another one. And this race for harmony without end. About go on this vicious circle for decades, and every year their condition and appearance are only getting worse. Of mental disorders, I do not even speak. From chronic bullying body like a little crazy and refuses to respond to such diet fanaticism. So on the Internet shows the following entry: “all my life trying to lose mass. That year I lost 6 kg, has presently built up again, of course, even more. I demand to beginning again, but do not know if this make sense? grow thin.. Grow thin.. Torture themselves, then stall again from the start… And however all his life. Maybe you just must to accept that to be fat ugly – is this ordinary? in life so that someone was just lucky to be thin, slender and beautiful, and about fat and ugly? I strive to visit the less crowded places (just go to work and straight cottage), less to go outside, so no one could see me, as I did not see thin. Perhaps we must go to a psychologist, right? what do I do? I may not get rid of this depression. I understand that if I do not lose weight, the chance to get married just worthless… It does not exist. ” Why is this happening, I To think of many realize themselves. As, the offer is yet to understand. However, does anyone wonder however many there are diet? Your diversity is amazing and does not give account. Every time there are new nutrition plan, vowed weight loss and fine health. English and French, Chinese and Japanese, the Kremlin and nominal (regime Ksenia Borodina, Larisa Dolina, Pierre Duke), blood group dietary, according to the sign, according to Feng Shui. Why these diets are as many years at the peak of popularity? Probably because, returning in the evening from work, every woman is easier to buy a book with a bright following newfangled regimen than to stand at the stove and make healthy food (cheese ravioli with mayonnaise more tasty veggie salad) or weary trudge to any doctor, sit in a queue and think, rather than send it all? Any cause for the “inaction” dietary – its the improperly range. Often, the person chooses the rules of supply without 1-st talking to an expert, the principle of “It helped a neighbor,” or “There’s a girl on her system however cool thinner.” This often leads to an exacerbation of chronic disease and a gravity of unpleasant surprises from heartiness. For example, almost every dietary recommends eating raw fresh vegetables. And if you enjoy long been a gastritis, pancreatitis or stomach ulcers? If the dietary is of short duration and the aging body young – he is able to deal with such attacks. But over the years to carry such a diet is becoming increasingly difficult, and their effectiveness drops significantly. But most importantly – no one diet does not teach us feeding behavior. It uses short-lived and do not facilities management skills daily food. Anyone of the myriad of regime can select the one he likes, and try to observe it temporarily. But it is temporary! Because few people could independently developed complete the years to get rid of stereotypes supply. And what is the eating pattern, every woman knows – sandwiches of white fresh bread with cottage cheese and sausage for breakfast, tea and biscuits and sweets at work, the joy of the evening in the shape of fried fresh potatoes, cheese ravioli and pasta nautically. Later all this, many people prefer to equip ice serum or a mug of tea with jam, lie down in front of the TV. You see, the best key to successful weight loss and subsequent weight retention – not trendy dietary of trendy dietitian. First, you must learn to take responsibility for their well-being. If you are overweight – you first want to find out the reason for its occurrence (and not throwing to the winds and do not experiment with regimen), and only then get to lose weight. It is also indispensable to develop the skills of proper nutrition and to accustom themselves to regular physical activity. Only so will your life finally find ease


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